About Coder Academy

Did you know the term “computer” once referred to a person assigned to making calculations? The term was then used in the mid-1800s to describe a machine that did the same work – this was considered to be the first programmable computer. Flash forward a few centuries to 2015, and Coder Academy swung open the doors of Australia’s first coding bootcamp, inspired by the popular Silicon Valley bootcamp format.

Today, Coder Academy is a place for change-makers who believe “it’s never too late’’. We’ve helped hundreds of students radically change their lives by learning to code, sometimes without previously touching a line of code or even owning a laptop. 

Take Jess, who used to work in hospital admin and, since graduating from Coder Academy in 2018, went on to do a 3-month traineeship with Mantel Group, after which she was hired permanently as an associate software engineer. She is now a senior software engineer with the same company.

Or Cam, who spent years working in hospo and, when Covid hit, decided to take the leap and join our Web Development Bootcamp. Within a year, Cam graduated with a Diploma of Information Technology and secured a full-time role at Canstar as a backend developer, where he still works today. 

We’re the real deal and we have real stories. It’s why you won’t see any stock images of fake business people pointing at blue lit screens. We have a strict no stock image policy, so any person you see representing our brand, we know – by name. 

But, who are we, really? 

At Coder Academy, we’ve spent quite a bit of time locked in a room, walls covered in butchers’ paper and whiteboards jam packed with ideas so we could get laser focused on who we are and what we stand for. For those who love a bit of start-up vision geek speak please, read on.

Our purpose? We empower change makers.

Our courses are for motivated people who want to transform their careers by making a career change or re-skilling. They may have already started their careers and/or completed education in an adjunct sector; a coding bootcamp style offering is preferred to quickly pivot career paths. 

Our Brand Principles 

  1. We offer quality education
  2. We are facilitators of change
  3. We build confidence
  4. We are agile innovators
  5. We promote a community mindset


Qualifications are awarded on behalf of Coder Academy by the Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT), RTO 90511. PRV12005. AIT is an approved VET Student Loan and FEE-HELP provider.

Coder Academy – Powered by AIT is a part of the NextEd Group


Now What?

You’ve made it this far down the page, you must be pretty serious about changing your world. We suggest you click that ‘connect now’ button below and take the next step. You’ll find options to either talk to someone about your study, download a course guide or join an info session. Oh, and if you’re ready to change your life just go on and apply already and we’ll stop talking. 

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