Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the application process?

    We’ve tried to make our application process as smooth as possible. Follow these simple steps below and if you get stuck please reach out to us at

    1. Check that you meet the entry requirements.
    2. Choose your start date.
    3. Choose your payment option. (Full fee upfront payment, monthly instalments or FEE-HELP (Eligibility Criteria Applies)).
    4. Have a copy of your passport or Australian driver licence on hand.
    5. Have your TFN on hand (if applying for FEE-HELP).
    6. If you are under 18, have a parent or guardian with you to verify your application.
    7. Fill out the online application form, hit submit and then go have a lie down and think about your new future as a coding legend.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
  • I don’t have any coding experience, can I still do this course?
  • I have coding experience. Is this course right for me?
  • If I apply for a bootcamp, when do I know I got in?
  • I am an international student. Can I get a visa for this course?
  • Do I need my own computer or special software?
  • Are there any scholarships available?
  • I am under 18. Can I still do the coding course?
  • What should I do to prepare for the course?
  • Can I get recognition for industry experience or learning I've done in the past?
  • What laptop specs will I need for the best experience?
  • What experience do the teachers have?
  • What will I learn?
  • Are you an accredited school?
  • What coding languages will students learn?
  • Do you teach coding fundamentals?
  • What kind of projects do people build?
  • May I talk to any past students?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • What kind of people will be in the class with me?
  • What time commitment is needed?
  • Can I work while doing the program?
  • Is it full time in class or can I do some remotely?
  • Do you offer this course in part-time mode?
  • What if I miss a few days of class?
  • What job can I get when I graduate?
  • Is a job guaranteed?
  • What is the industry average salary earned by a software developer?

Now What?

You’ve made it this far down the page, you must be pretty serious about changing your world. We suggest you click that ‘connect now’ button below and take the next step. You’ll find options to either talk to someone about your study, download a course guide or join an info session. Oh, and if you’re ready to change your life just go on and apply already and we’ll stop talking. 

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