Are Full Stack Devs in Demand in 2024?

19 March 2024Written by Emma Woodward

We’ve been hearing for years now that Australia (and the world) is suffering from a shortage of tech professionals. But is that still true? And what about full stack devs in particular? With AI tools and a changing workforce will there still be demand for developers who can code in both the frontend and the backend, or will roles become more specialised?

Are Full Stack Devs Still in Demand? Or Will AI Steal Our Jobs?

Have you heard? The hottest new programming language is English. That’s the very memeable quip going around. It refers to the fact that anyone can code with the help of AI. Ask ChatGPT to build you a website from a screenshot and it will spit out the code. Surely no one needs full stack devs, well-versed in a range of coding languages in a world like that.

Of course we still need full stack devs. Rather than taking jobs away, AI presents a range of opportunities for developers. Now, we can all have our own personal JARVIS. No need for Tony Stark’s fortune, just bring up ChatGPT to help you plan your holiday and GitHub’s Copilot as your virtual assistant while you code. 

With the growing demand for generative AI, full stack developers will have a virtual assistant capable of taking on their mundane and repetitive tasks, while demand for skilled, problem-crushing developers will only grow in this new tech-hungry world.  

Are Full Stack Generalists Still in Demand? Or Will Developers Specialise in Frontend or Backend?

According to the 2024 Developer Skills Report from HackerRank, there has been a surge in demand for backend developer roles, which were ranked first amongst the top 5 most in-demand roles of 2023. 

But don’t go dropping all frontend skills and languages just yet. The report went on to note that amongst the top 5 momentum builders since July 2023, senior software engineer was number one – a role which usually requires full stack skills.  

At the end of the day, someone who works to become a full stack developer will always have more options. Full stack devs can work in frontend or backend, and they can more easily manage teams. 

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to learn both the frontend and the backend – this will help you work with your counterparts in future if you do decide to specialise. It will also help you decide if you do want to specialise. 

Whether you work as a frontend, full stack or backend developer, your work will be about creating, fixing and refining things through code. 

Do you love solving the impossible to make the backend work, or do you want to see the results of your labour on the screen as your frontend skills help you build the impossible?

There are many reasons to choose a specialisation or to remain a generalist, but at the end of the day, the demand for all developers is on the rise. 

What are the Job Prospects for Full Stack Devs in 2024 and Beyond?

According to the most recent report from the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the need for technology skilled workers is growing by the day, and Australia is not on track to build the skills required. 

The ACS Digital Pulse 2023 states, “At a minimum, Australia needs 445,000 more technology skilled workers to reach the 1.3m workers projected as needed by 2030 to keep pace with international economies. That’s a net increase of 60,000 tech workers each year.” 

Online employment marketplace SEEK also predicts a strong future need for developers, with a five-year projection of 27 per cent job growth for full stack, backend and frontend developers. 

And workers can expect to be well compensated for filling these in-demand roles. 

If you’re searching for the type of programming job that offers security, then according to the Government’s Labour Market Insights, you should consider software engineering. The unemployment rate for software and applications programmers is below average, while median full-time earnings sit at $2,208 per week, or roughly $115,000 annually. 

Job site Indeed paints an even rosier picture, listing an average Australian salary of $119,000 per year for developers.

So, are full stack developers still in demand in 2024? Absolutely! 

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