Australia’s Favourite Coding Bootcamp Just Got Better

1 May 2024Written by Emma Woodward
We love and appreciate our bootcamp and everything it does for us. We’ve built a pretty solid foundation over our years of training through reps of core skills that every aspiring coder needs.

We Sent Our Bootcamp to Bootcamp

We sent our bootcamp for a bootcamp – now it’s stronger than ever. Each subject has been put through its paces and come back to us levelled up and ready to turn ordinary couch potatoes like you and me into lean, mean, coding machines. 

The core remains the same:

  • You can go from not knowing a single line of code to beast mode coding legend in less than a year
  • You receive an accredited higher education diploma
  • You benefit from industry relevant education and our industry placement program


We’ve just made a few tweaks to allow you to really hone those skills: 

  • We’re introducing the ONLY Diploma of Web Development in Australia, and now, Australia’s most targeted bootcamp
  • We’ve introduced a muscled-up DevOps subject
  • An even more flexible, mindful, conscious timetable to fit your lifestyle

What’s Changing at Coder Academy?

Australia’s favourite web development bootcamp just got better. Since 2015, Coder Academy has been helping students to become job-ready junior web developers through a fast-paced bootcamp program. 

Thanks to the success of this delivery method and feedback from our students, we’ve been able to develop the Diploma of Web Development – the first course of its kind in Australia. 

This new diploma has some new subjects and features, and now includes a subject devoted to DevOps – a growing field within the Australian market. 

What’s So Great About the New Diploma of Web Development?

We’re glad you asked…


Show Off Your Qualifications

This is the ONLY Diploma of Web Development in Australia, and now, Australia’s most targeted coding bootcamp.

Our higher education approved Diploma of Web Development means you’ll have access to Government student loans to help fund your study, just like you would at any Australian university or TAFE. You’ll also be able to follow a pathway for further study. Many of our students prefer to finish the diploma and go straight on to work as junior developers, but if you just love to learn, you’ll be all set.


Upon completion of this course, you will possess strong foundational knowledge in programming, web development, DevOps and databases, which will enable you to pursue further development in qualifications such as a:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Digital Business
  • Bachelor of Data Science
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Make Friends and Influence People

A standard inclusion with every bootcamp is the optional industry work placement at the end of the course. Students who meet the criteria (most do) and who wish to take part (some of our students are offered jobs while still studying) can join a real company and gain work experience on real projects. 


According to our 2023 placement survey, 80% of eligible students end up completing an industry placement, and one in five end up staying on as employees at their placement company. That’s right, you could walk into a job without going through the whole process of applying, waiting, interviewing, waiting… you get the drill. 

If you love your industry placement but it’s not quite the right fit for a permanent role then you can expect to have plenty of support as you go through the job application process. Our team are here to help you polish your CV, your LinkedIn profile and your GitHub profile too.

Learn exactly what’s expected of a junior developer and prep for interviews with a whole team in your corner! 


Learn with the Support You Need

Although our 100% online model means you can learn from anywhere, you’ll never be learning alone. All classes are taught live, with an expert teacher. You’ll have access to support from real people, and be part of a cohort of classmates taking the bootcamp journey alongside you. 

Our delivery model and support services are all in place to help you succeed. With evening and Saturday classes, you can work while you study, and schedule your self learning hours for the times that suit you. 

If you get stuck during your self study hours you’ll have access six days a week, 9am-5pm to our online support team. And if you’re in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and want a place to study that’s not your bedroom, then you’ll have access to our dedicated, in-person study hubs as well.  

We’re True Blue Mate

We’re the ONLY Australian owned and accredited coding bootcamp. We understand the tech industry in Australia, and we know what employees are searching for. 


When you study at Coder Academy, you’ll be taught by technical wizards with years of experience working as web developers, software engineers, tech leads, CTOs, and more.

From day one in the classroom, you’ll begin working on your own projects, being mentored as a junior developer by our senior developers. 

Learn the Skills Demanded by Industry

As a key component of the Diploma of Web Development, there’s an entire subject devoted to DevOps. Learning about development operations is important for any web or software developer, and if you do decide to specialise as a DevOps engineer, then you’ll have a rewarding career ahead of you. 

At the end of the Diploma of Web Development, you’ll be an experienced, employable, full stack developer with knowledge of some of the most in-demand programming languages. From here, you can specialise in frontend or backend web development, or continue to hone your skills in both. 

You’ll have hands-on experience, a portfolio of projects, and know what’s expected of a junior developer entering the industry. 

So, why are you still reading? Go sign up for a bootcamp already.


Go from not knowing a single line of code to coding legend in less than a year. Master the fundamentals of full-stack web development in 10 months with our Web Development Bootcamp.

Now enrolling | 100% online | Study now, pay later with FEE-HELP!

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